Monday, September 28, 2009


Welp... I have now learned not to ask "What could happen next?" when bad things are happening because well... things just keep happening. I went into work this morning and the owner called me around noon to inform me that she san longer keep our store open. She is closing my location. She has 2 other locations that she is keeping open closer to where she lives. As she is telling me all this I am thinking that it will probably be sometime around the end of the year. Nope, October 31st is the last day the store will be open. I am so shocked. I have worked there for over 2 years and have been the manager for a year. Now I have to find a new job. I have no idea what I am going to do. I have definitely learned to not ask that question, or you will get an answer that you don't really want. All I really have to say about it is that with all the bad things that have been going on, there will hopefully be something good coming...right?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Two blogs in the same month! That's an improvement.

It has been a whirlwind of a couple weeks. Jonathan and I have been busy, then you throw in a last minute trip to Utah for a funeral and a concert and things can seem crazier than they are. My Grandfather passed away a couple weeks ago and thanks to my totally awesome brother in law, I was able to fly on buddy passes to Salt Lake so that I could go to the funeral. Poor Jonathan did have to drive me to Chicago so that I could fly out with Kim and the kids, but I was able to fly home through Cedar Rapids, which is only about 20 minutes from the house. Minus the fact that we were there for a funeral, it was still really nice to spend time with family and maybe have some Cafe Rio... So this was last weekend and this past weekend Jonathan and I went to Des Moines for the Dave Matthews concert!!! It was my birthday present and just as amazing as I hoped. We stayed in the really neat hotel that happened to be only a 15 minute walk to the venue, so it was nice to be able to walk and not have to worry about parking. This is my 3rd time seeing Dave and it never gets old and they are always amazing. I think that he is the one famous person that I would really LOVE to meet. It was extra cool because Tim Reynolds was there and he just rocks it! I think my dream one day is to have front row seats. It is the one thing I really want. (That was for you Jess) Anyway, here are some pics from the concert and my weekend in Salt Lake.

This was right after the funeral. The had to jump the hearse!!! I just missed the money shot! Only at Grandpa's funeral would we have to jump the hearse. It was kinda funny.

We stopped at the Gateway briefly and Blythe had to carry the bag. She really is my kinda girl! Loves to shop!

She also had fun in my heels. A girl has to own a pair of red heels.

She also had to carry around both of her bags at the same time. So much like her Aunt Kate. Sorry Kim! Good luck with that, I hope that she isn't too much like me!

This was before it started. We had decent seats. Obviously the ground seats were closer, but it wasn't worth it to me to have to get there 5 hours early to get in line, so that I could be in the front. Plus having no option to sit. We opted for the seats instead.

I think that the opening band was about to go on here...

Waiting for Dave to come on... No I am not patient!

And there they this heaven? No, this is Iowa!!!!! But it sure felt close.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


So I am officially one of those people that I hate that never updates their blog. Sorry for the few of you that actually check my blog. I can't seem to sleep tonight, so I thought that I should make good use of my time and post.
This has been a crazy summer to say the least.
-Jonathan taught for 2 weeks at a summer camp
-Went to a Single A baseball game
-Went to Chicago
-Turned 25!
-Went to Des Moines for awesome cheesecake and birthday shopping!
-Went to Nauvoo (went to the temple and the pageant)
-My parents came to visit
-Jonathan's grandfather passed away and he went to the funeral
-Lots of BBQs
-Good Iowa corn
-Lots of swimming
-Lots of work :(
-Played lots of Guitar Hero
-Chopped my hair off

That was our summer in a nut shell. I'm kinda glad that it is over and that Jonathan is starting his last year of school. Crazy. Also that the weather will start getting colder. I really want to start wearing my sweaters and coats!
Here are some pictures from Nauvoo and an epic-ly awesome girls night rock band party!

My Mom and I with our toes in the Mississippi

Dad, Jonathan, and I in Nauvoo at the Mississippi

The Beautiful Nauvoo Temple taken from the Trail of Hope

Jonathan and I outside the Temple

Mom and Dad outside the temple.

I figure that since my Mom and Dad NEVER update their blog that I could post these pictures for them, so you can somewhat know what they have going on. Love you Mom and Dad!!!

We also had a wicked awesome girls night complete with Rock Band, girl talk, and carmel popcorn! Here are some pics...

Jessica and Crystal rocking it out on the guitar and bass

Angela killing the drums!

Tawnya doing the chicken dance whilst singing

Brittany rocking out to the "Eye of the Tiger"

These girls were all rockstars! Great night!

So I really do hope to be more current with my blog...and now since it is almost 1:00 and I have to work tomorrow/today, I really should get some sleep!