Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Jonathan wanted me to post this weeks ago, but I just never got around to it. We put our tree and other Christmas decorations up the week before Thanksgiving! I was just too excited. We went to go buy a new tree this year, because our old one got a little bit wet in the flood this summer. I didn't want to wait to put it up. So we watched ELF and put our stuff up! So fun! I love the Holidays, it is my favorite time of year! I also finished all my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving as to avoid the masses of shoppers. So not only has our tree been up for a while, but it has presents under it! So Fun! I found these gold and red holly berries at Hobby Lobby this year and bought a bunch to put on our tree. They are probably my favorite part of the tree beside our 2 trombone ornaments and our starfish on the top! Also, check out the snowman! I totally made it all by myself! I made it at a relief society activity. I nailed and painted it all by myself. I am so not crafty, so I was really proud of myself! Jonathan and I are also was stoked for Colorado in a week! It is going to be a blast! Also, I am really excited to have a little over a week off work! About time! Anyway, here are some pictures of our tree and other such decorations.