Friday, April 24, 2009

Hey All.

Been a while. Been busy. Jonathan had his recital this past week. His parents and 3 of 6 siblings were here. It was a lot of fun to hang out with them and just chill. It was also my first Saturday off since Christmas. Much welcomed! It is always sad when family leaves, but this time wasn't so bad because we were able to say "see you in a few weeks" as we will all be in Vegas in 2 weeks for Nick's wedding. It will be fun to hang with everyone! Welp, the real reason that everyone reads blogs is for the pictures, so here are some pictures of recent Allen's goings on.

I was leaving the mall and the "Red Hat" club was in front of me. It was kinda sad because the lady with the walker got stuck in the sliding door, it closed as she wasn't fast enough to get past it. So I had to take a picture. They were cute old ladies.

We went to a Rough Riders hockey game in Cedar Rapids and they were selling these horns. OF COURSE Jonathan had to have one I mean come on! It was awesome!

Being the prefectionist that he is, Jonathan is shaping the mouthpiece so he can get a better sound. It was a 5 dollar horn!

And yes, this is him tuning the horn. He has a tuning app on his phone. I love my tromboneing husband!

There is an Oregon Trail app for iphone. You can now get attacked by a bear!! It is nasty looking too! Kinda funny though.