Sunday, January 27, 2008

Shocking I know...

Surprise, surprise, surprise!!! New post! Shocker I know. Just thought that I would give a little update since it has been so long. Jonathan and I were able to make it home to Colorado for Thanksgiving and Christmas, what a treat! We haven't been able to spend Thanksgiving with family since we have been married. It was fun to be able to see everyone and just spend time with family. Now unfortunately we are back to reality. I started school and this will be my last semester through Utah, thank goodness! Jonathan also started school and so things are definitely back in full swing. It is also Prom season, so work is interesting to say the very least. Things are going well, minus the way below freezing temperatures, and Jonathan and I really do enjoy being in Iowa. A couple weeks ago we decided to go out and explore a little bit of Iowa that we haven't seen yet. So, we ventured to Riverside Iowa which is the future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise. This is where they hold Star Trek conventions every year on his birthday. It was a really small town though, so I'm not quite sure how there is room for a whole convention. Not too far from Riverside is Kalona, which is a Amish community. It was kinda wild. As we were driving towards Kalona you could see all these horse and buggy tracks off the highway and then we saw a horse and buggy off the highway. It was crazy! Then we saw they kids that all go to school together, in what looked like a one room school house, outside playing in the rain during recess. It was so cool to see. We then passed the cheese factory and we had to stop. We bought some delicious cheese and then made our way back home. It was a fun little excursion. Well, hopefully this is a start or some more regular blogging...

Us at Thanksgiving

Jonathan at the Birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk

Amish horse and buggy!

Kalona Cheese Factory