Sunday, March 15, 2009


I am completely speechless. All I can manage to say is SERIOUSLY!? Needless to say, here is why...

So I went to work on Saturday thinking that it was going to be your average long, busy day. Well, it was that and so much more. SO they day went fine and then about 10 minutes to closing a rush of people decided that they wanted help. I was working with a couple on an invitation order, Amanda was helping a couple girls gets bridesmaid dresses ordered, LeAnn was vacuuming and Julie had greeted these 2 prom girls that had walked in. We were all in a hurry and just wanted to get home. After the craziness subsided and everyone left, we were all noticing that the store smelled a little funny. Thinking that someone was just a little funky, we shrugged it off. It continued to get worse and we thought maybe it was the prom girls. So a couple of the girls went back to the room that they were in to see if the smell was there. Welp, sure enough there is was. Poo. Diarrhea on the floor, the curtain, the pillow, and the cushion on the bench!!!! Apparently just because you are old enough to shop for a prom dress by yourself, does not mean that you are old enough to know when to go to the bathroom. I mean COME ON!!!! Who does that? So Jonathan went to the store and bought gloves and carpet cleaner and I then had to proceed to clean it up. Yuck. Not how I pictured spending my day. I think I used almost a whole bottle of Febreeze to try and get rid of the smell. We then bagged up all the poo-infested stuff and took it to the dry-cleaners.

There is just no way that happened. Also, if one more person tells to wait until I have kids because I will be cleaning up poo all the time, I will freak. This is SO not on the same level as cleaning up your own child's poo. This is not in my job description. So enough ranting. All I have left to say is to the girl that poo'd in the room and well at least we know that "you can really work it out" Thank you Wesley WIllis for that marvelous quote. Who is Wesley Willis you ask... Here is a little clip to introduce you if you don't know him.