Thursday, January 15, 2009

Late Christmas Post...

Over due on a new post. Surprise surprise. Jonathan and I had a killer time in Colorado for Christmas, minus that fact that a grand majority of the time was spent trying to help whoever had the flu bug at that particular point. We stayed in a cabin in Woodland park, and by cabin I mean a large house that is in the mountains. At least on person was sick each day. Sad. I was the only one who didn't end up sick. Not quite sure how that happened. Poor Jonathan got sick our last day there and so we left to come home a day later. Yea for me for getting an extra to spend with my parents, and Kim and Chris and the kids, but sad for Jonathan. We stayed at the cabin Sunday-Friday and then crashed at my parents house until we left on Monday. It was so fun to get to see and spend time with everyone. Jonathan and I really are enjoying Iowa, but being in Colorado and spending time with family, made us really wanting to be closer and see family more often. We have a year and a half left, and then who knows? We want to go out west. I will tell you one thing, I don't think that I can handle one more winter here than is absolutely neccesary. It is frigid here. Tonight the low is -36. Yikes. When you have to close the schools just becasue of cold, that is a bad bad sign. Anyway, back to Christmas, Jonathan's parents were extremely generous in their gifting...When I was making my list this year I was putting a bunch of stuff just for the heck of it, totally not expecting to get most of them...I was wrong in that assumption. They got me my Kate Spade flatware! I was shaking when I unwrapped it, once I new what it was, and then was in super shock when I opened the second place setting. So amazing!!!!! Here is a picture! They are super cute!



My parents also got us a kick butt food processor. We are having a fun time figuring out things to use it for. If anyone has any suggestions or recipes let me know! The presents were wonderful, but the best part was being able to see family and just be around each other, even if everyone was sick at some point. We wanted to split up the cooking for the week being that there were 12 adults and 2 kids, so we decided to do a cook-off. Each couple was a team and then the singles were a team. Jonathan and I made Gyoza. It was awesome and I am so glad that we learned how to cook it. Everyone made really delicious food, but the single team brought the heat and smoked everyone! Who can compete with game hens for everyone, with that many people, appetizers, 3 side dishes, homemade cookie ice cream sandwiches covered in magic shell, AND a freaking murder mystery dinner?!? No one could and so therefore, they took home the Allen Goblet of Awesomeness, and rightfully so. No need to fear though, we fully intend to bring our A game next time...mwah ha!!

Here are some pictures from the cabin. All the rooms had a theme. Jonathan and I stayed in the tent room. That's right our beds were inside a tent on the floor. It was pretty much awesome!

The Cabin

Our Killer tent room!

The view to downstairs.