Thursday, July 24, 2008

Only one more week!

So we only have one more week in Oxford! Hallelujah! I can't even begin to express how excited I am. I haven't even slept in a bed for 6 weeks. Dumb. We are now trying to figure out what we need that we lost in the flood to make life livable. Yea for moving! I will post pictures of the new digs next week once we get all moved in. On a different note, as most of you know I am doing Weight Watchers and I am proud (but not unrighteously proud) that I have lost 12 pounds! I only have 6 more to go for my 1st goal! Sweet. Jonathan said that I get 50 dollars to spend when I reach it! I think I will making a stop at the gap... So after all of the madness this summer, I was looking through my iphoto and remembering some more positive carefree times. I found this picture of Jonathan and I the day after we got engaged. We went to the Museum of Natural History in Albuquerque. Crazy to think that it was 4 years ago that we got engaged. How time flies...

Well, like I said, next week will be a much better blog with pictures of the new digs!!!! Wahoo!

Friday, July 18, 2008

So I am doing a little bit of bragging today. My really good friend is getting married in September and I am one of her personal attendants. A couple of her bridesmaids were planning to throw her a bridal shower, but they really didn't want to do things how she wanted, (which would have been easy) so she told them, Thanks but no thanks. She decided that she would just do it herself. Isn't that the dumbest thing you have ever heard!! No bride, especially a super nice one, should have to throw her own bridal shower. So I stepped up to the plate. She really wanted it to be coed since her fiancee is going to be in town that weekend (he lives in Albuquerque). We decided to do a fun BBQ. Anyway, on to the bragging, we looked everywhere for invitations and just weren't finding any that we liked, so I decided to make them. They turned out so cute! I am not one to brag, mostly because I am not this proud of the stuff that I do, but LOVED these invitations. Maybe I have discovered my new hidden business venture perhaps? Well, here they are. If you don't love them as much as I do, then just lie to me and tell me you do! Thanks!

P.S. if you click on the picture, you can see it larger and they look even better!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Well I guess that it is about time for an update. After the flood, things were a little crazy for a while. Still are actually. Our apartment ended up with about 2 feet of water in it. So, needless to say, we did lose stuff. We were able to get back in to the apartment about a week later. It was a pretty horrific smell. Not recommended. We decided that we were definitely not going to move back into the same place, so we started looking for a new place. We found something a little further out of town, but nice and no where near any body of water. I mean, we were flooded by a creek!!! No water please. We move in August 1st. As for now, we are staying in a friends apartment out in the middle of nowhere. They are gone for the summer and graciously offered to let us stay there. It is about 20 miles out of town and there is nothing here. I never thought that I would live anywhere where I would have to say "lets go into town" So hick-ish. I really shouldn't complain because it is free, but it is rough. There is almost no cell phone service and they have a double bed! We are used to a king, so we are actually sleeping on out air mattress in the living room. Note that the air mattress takes up the entire living room. It touches the couch and the other wall. I am so ready to be living in my own place. Not to mention that on Saturday night they had a town dance right outside our building, on our window side of course. It went from 9 until midnight. I was so irritated. We have early church and I am not a morning person as it is, so I really need my sleep. Stupid town of Oxford.

We are very thankful for a lot of good people out here. We have the stuff that we were able to save at about 5 different peoples' houses, which ought to make moving day fun. At least the stuff is already in boxes though! Long story short, this summer really blows and look forward to it being over. Here are some random pictures of goings on here.

This is notice saying that we can go back into our building as long as we don't have to wade through flood waters to get there. There were many people arrested for going into the flood waters. Gross.

This is a crack in the foundation in our guest bedroom. We found it after they took the carpet out. Also, they aren't fixing it. Glad we are moving.

Here is a picture of some of our wreckage. Fun huh?

Here is our washer. You can see the water line. Crazy stuff...