Thursday, September 4, 2008

Okay, seriously I know that I need to be way more consistent in my blogging. A lot has happened since my last post. Jonathan and I moved into our new apartment, went to Colorado, Jonathan started school, and I got offered the Manager position at work. Crazy. So, we love our new apartment and the community we live it. We have a great couple that is in our ward that live across the hall from us. Also, there is also a lot of other families from our ward that live close which is a really nice change. It is nice to see a lot of them more than just on Sunday. A week after we moved in we went to Colorado the visit my Mom and Dad. We had a great time. We were able to hang out with Chris and Ixchelle and meet our cute new nephew Shaden, So fun! Mom and Dad were generous enough to take us to a Colorado Rockies game!! We had such a blast. It was my first professional sporting event. They were playing the Arizona diamondbacks, so we got to see Randy Johnson. He is huge!!! So freaking tall! What made the night really memorable was late in the game when it started to rain these huge rain drops and then the rain turned in to slush. Only in Colorado in August. We came back home and started to get more settled. Jonathan got started with school and is super busy, as the school of music won't be open theis year due to all the flooding, the have classes all over the city. Makes for long crazy days. Too make things more crazy, I will be taking over as the Manager of the store in about 3 weeks. Jonathan and I right now are trying to talk the owner into selling us her store. We right now are waiting to get a number from her. So hopefully we will be store owners by the end of the year. Lets all keep our fingers crossed. So, that is a quick update of what has been going down here in Iowa. Here are some pictures of the new place and and of some of our summer fun.

If you couldn't tell, this is Jonathan and I at Garden of the Gods. We weren't able to stay too long. The altitude got to us faster then we thought.

This is us outside of Coors Field. I bought a new hat for the occasion. Sadly enough, I have such a small head I had to buy a childrens hat...

Here is our living room. Notice behind Jonathan is our new fireplace! Wahoo!! It was a selling point for me, Also, you can see that the bookshelf made it! Hallelujah!

Here is our messy kitchen, but it is bigger!

So there is the short tour of our new place, I guess if you want to see the rest that you will just have to come and visit! We are always open for guests!!!! Please come visit! We live only 2 hours away from Nauvoo!!