Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Flood of '08 Revisited

It is crazy to think that this week marks the anniversary of the flood. We are all just praying that it won't happen again this year. A couple of small towns near the river have flooded some, but thankfully we didn't get enough rain to cause the river to rise here. Here are some pictures in memory of last year. It is weird to think that it all happened, but it did. It is sad to drive down the main strip through town and see that so many business never opened back up from the flood.

The view at the top of our street.

Our apartment mid-flood.

The view of the main road through town.

Jonathan's precious music building. They had to have classes all over the city last year. It was rough.

Where we lived last summer. Rough.

This is about a block away from where I work.

THis is a bad picture, but this is our old street now. They have demolished half of the buildings and it doesn't look like they are planning on rebuilding any time soon. Glad we moved.

Needless to say, I am glad that it is over and that we now live on higher ground, so if it does flood again, we will be safe. Now, lets just hope there are no tornados this year!

The Wedding

Sorry that is has been so long! A lot has happened. We went to Las Vegas for Nick and Margaret's wedding and had a lot of fun! The wedding was really nice and we had a blast hanging out with family. Here are just a couple pictures from the event.

The whole family

The girls having fun.

The guys being boys!

It was a fun trip. I am really getting to the point, where I am tired of saying goodbye to family and knowing the next time I am going to see them is far away. Its time to live closer!