Sunday, July 1, 2012

New York

So New York was wonderful!! A huge thank you to Jonathan's parents for the tickets and to Donetta for letting us crash at her place and seriously invade her space for a week. Without these two wonderful generosities, this trip would not have existed. Here is our week in a nutshell...

Monday- Fly out, even with a 2 hour delay we arrived 30 minutes early...Long story
Tuesday - Double decker bus tour of NYC - Great way to see the EVERYTHING, literally everything without having to go to each of them individually, delicious lunch at a local cafe, Apple store and FAO Schwartz on 5th Avenue, Mets Game
Wednesday - Open rehearsal for the New York Philharmonic, and Kate Spade store on 5th Ave, cart food in Times Square, Lottery for Newsies with no success (sad face), went to Phantom of the Opera instead (so great).
Thursday - Metropolitan Museum of Art (don't eat in the cafeteria...not so good), Madison Square Park,   Heavenly Shake Shack.
Friday - Museum of Modern Art (so amazing), Japanese food, 30 Rock, and Magnolia bakery cupcakes, followed by a perfect time cab, as the heavens opened and the rain started and a chill night of movies at Donetta's.
Saturday - Brunch at the Corner, Water Taxi (takes you around on the Hudson river down the coast of Manhattan, over to Brooklyn and around the Statue of Liberty), Grimaldi's Pizza in Brooklyn (best pizza I have ever had in my life), Central Park and Shakespeare in the Park by the Public Theatre. also the best dessert on the planet...more on that later...
Sunday - Church, naps, and movies
Monday - Shopping in SOHO (Kate Spade take 2, came away with some purchases this time), saw Jim Gaffigan on the subway, met Donetta for lunch, amazing gelato, lottery for Newsies again (again with no success) but while waiting we saw Alex Wong from SYTYCD season come out of rehearsal, huffed it back to Donetta's to pack and get ready for our super early flight...
Tuesday - Flew home.

Phew... Now for the pictures... Beware the picture marathon...

Top of the double decker bus...

Times Square from Bus

Times Square from Bus

That tiny thing in the distance is the Statue of Liberty

Jonathan in front of the Apple store...the Mother Ship

Mets Stadium

Mets Game

Donetta and I at the game

Temple from NY Phil Concert Hall (Avery Fisher Hall)

Delicious, huge, and salty pretzel in Times Square

More Times Square

In front of Phantom!

Delicious Shake Shack...Oh. My. Goodness...

I was accosted by characters in Times Square

Central Park


Delicious Cupcakes

More delicious cupcakes...

Donetta, Jonathan and I on the water Taxi

View of Ground Zero/Constuction of new towers from Water Taxi

Brooklyn Bridge from Water Taxi

Statue of Liberty from Water Taxi

White Pizza i.e. amazingness at Grimaldi's

Pepperoni Pizza at Grimaldi's

Locally brewed Root Beer at Grimaldi's

Delicious food...

Bathroom at NY Phil... Best invention ever...Floor flusher

Best. Food. Ever. Waffles, Belgium Ice Cream, and Belgium chocolate sauce.... Seriously Heaven

This is their website photo of what we got before eaten...

This is where you buy a piece of heaven in Central Park. "Wafles and Dinges"
Check it out

Shakespeare in the Park. SO much fun. They were awesome. We saw "As You Like It"

Yup....Did that... :)

Also, that is Jim Gaffigan....Yup. He was on our subway car... Totally cool!

This was on our plane from Chicago to New York... GO Iowa.

Whew... Wonderful trip and can't wait to get back!


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Tawnya said...

First of all, I love you guys! Second, you guys seriously did a ton! You must be exhausted! Third, what did you get at Kate Spade???

Katie @ Hippos and Dinosaurs said...

What a fun getaway!!

Joe'n'Jess said...

that seriously sounds freaking amazing! you guys did more in a week than i do in 6 months! it all sounds like so much fun! awesome Jim G. sighting:)